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‘Specialized One-Stop Solutions’

Aspac continually innovates itself to be responsive to the growing and changing needs of its customers. Motivated to achieve Focus & Expertise amidst the rapid expansion of service offerings, the Aspac Group of companies were established to handle key areas of the supply chain process.

  Aspac recognizes the growing preference among multinational customers for working with a ‘single company’ to take overall responsibility for all their supply chain requirements. Aside from efficient cargo flow, customers are requiring ‘instant shipment information’ and specialist management skills to help tighten their cost control and improve their supply chain process. Thus, in response to the changing needs of its customers, the ASPAC GROUP was established to be the industry’s leading ‘specialized one-stop’ supply chain solutions provider.

It is distinguished from the other one-stop solutions in the market by having each independent company, with its own team of experts, focus on a specialized area of the customers’ supply chain requirement. Therefore, the Aspac Group is based on a ‘collaboration of strengths’. Excellence in Freight, Logistics, and Information Communication Technology Services is what the ASPAC GROUP delivers to its clients.